IoT , M2M


Our M2M Solution and Automation


On this highly innovation part we offers to our customers great competitive advantages:

•  Expertise on the whole machine-to-machine technological chain: therefore our corporate clients only need to face one contact for their entire project
•  State of the art technology: our team of machine-to-machine experts is continuously looking for improvements of our solutions and let all our corporate clients benefit from the evolutions we make.
•  A transversal offer on services: we develop all-in-one solutions that can manage many verticals such as goods’ and people’s security, Energy consumption Management, Aging in place and health care solutions, Automation and comfort solutions all at once.

•  Reduced cost and limited financial risk for our corporate clients: we are able to offer our client a smart business model based on an aggressive monthly fee per user :
              •  Plug & Play solution: both our graphic user interfaces and hardware are designed for the smoothest end-user experience,
               •  Secured service: we provide a fully secured service cause of our skilled software engineers .

Who will be the beneficiary and our scope ?


Home Automation and Building Automation include Industrial , Office and Hospital Automation
M2M solutions
RFID Biometrics, NFC Safety and Security Solutions.
Street Lighting when connected with light sensors
Smart Parking Solutions.
Sustainable smart Cities.
Medical and health care solutions.
Traffic management solutions.
Tracking and tracing solutions.
General purpose integration interfaces.
smart management of power Electricity, Gas, Fuel & Water recourses .